Freelance Web and Graphic Design by Tamara L. Pinkston

I have been involved in web and graphic design more than 10 years. Over the years I have learned a great deal, and have continually updated my skills as the Internet has continued to evolve. Still, my philosophy has always been to design professional, yet simple websites - my reasoning has been that while flashing, moving websites full of beautiful pictures are nice to behold, they're not always practical for the general user. First of all, there are still many consumers who have dial up, and secondly an overly busy site means the information gets lost in all the busyness. And what good is a website, really, if people don't take the time to let everything load, or don't want to sort through everything to find what they're looking for? People generally visit a website for information, and if that information is not readily available, they'll look somewhere else. Always remember, your website is sometimes a person's first impression of your organization.

So my goal has always been to provide professional, clean designs that are highly functional. I've invested a lot of research over the years, and the ongoing trend and theme offered by professional web design firms worldwide is keep it professional and clean.

You will find no cookie cutter websites in my portfolio. Each website is custom designed based on what each individual wants. My designs are very professional - not flashy, but certainly not without personality. My goal is to represent the personality of the organization of each website I create, and I accomplish that by getting your ideas and bringing them to life. My specialty is creating custom designs based on your specifications. I take your colors, your logo and your ideas and put them into design.

If you've got the idea, I can put it into a design! And if you don't have the idea, I can create one for you!

I enjoy the challenge of each new design project...and I look forward to helping you with yours!