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About Hosting and Domain Registration:

You can register your domain name with many different companies at an average cost of $25 per year. However, most charge an additional monthly fee ($15-$50) for hosting, and others only register the domain name with NO hosting option. You need both for your website. Hosting is equivalent to the hard drive on your computer, it is the space where you're website is stored. Domain registration is your website address. It can be very confusing and it's easy to either end up with more services than you need or end up not having everything you need...and you can end up paying a lot more to get everything you need. I highly recommend a company called They take the confusion out of the process by both registering the domain name AND providing hosting.

WebHero offers two plans for the personal user: Free Hosting and Everything Hosting.

Free Hosting actually is free, you pay only $8.95 per year for your domain registration. This is a very limited hosting space that works for some who have small websites and very few graphics. It is best to have your website built first before choosing this option to make sure it will be enough hosting space.

Everything Hosting is the plan I recommend. It costs $93.40 per year (with Hosting Club) or $88.45 per year (without). For the $4.95 difference, as a member of the Hosting Club you receive free priority 24x7 tech support and a 40% discount on all purchases.

I have used for myself and my clients for a number of years and have always received excellent service. They are a professional, established hosting company that's been in the business for 13 years so they are very reliable and very reputable. I highly recommend using to host your website and register your domain. I've done a lot of research and have had many experiences between myself and my is the only hosting company I recommend and endorse.

Click here to read about the company and its history.


Below are the available options for hosting. There are two higher levels which I don't provide further information on as they are designed for large businesses. When you're ready, click the link of your choice below and a page will open with specific instructions for that plan.

Free Hosting: I recommend having the website built first before choosing this option.

Everything Hosting: Everything you'll need, and the plan I recommend.

Transfer: If you wish to transfer your existing doman to