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Free Hosting Plan – Transfer

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Click the banner above to go to - a new window will open so you can follow the instructions below while filling out the information live on Pictures of what you'll be seeing are shown below the instructions (below).

1. In the top left, type in your domain name (website address) and click "Transfer" below to select it, then click "Go".

2. Your domain name should appear on the next screen with a check mark beside it.

3. On the right of the screen click "Continue" beneath "New Customers".

4. Select the number of years you wish to pay for your domain.

5. Choose Free Hosting by clicking the radio button beneath it. Click "No" next to "Join the Hosting Club".

6. Spam Shark is an optional add-on. I have never used it as WebHero's built in security has always been enough. If you want to add it, click the box, if not click Continue.

7. A page now opens with your total. The amount should reflect $8.95. If this information is correct, proceed to the next step. If not click "Make Changes" below the table.

8. Next fill out "Customer Information" with your information.

The Affiliate Code webhero:18373 is automatically generated...leave this in. You may also input my Email address in Alternative Email.

9. Input your "Payment Information". You'll see a confirmation of your order, if all is correct, accept the terms, click finish and your order will be processed. You will receive an Email confirming your order, along with further Emails informing you when the hosting space is ready.

When it is time to renew your domain name and hosting, will send you a reminder Email at 90, 60, and 30 days from renewal. If you wish to renew, do nothing and it will renew automatically for the same price of your initial amount. It is important to keep your contact and payment information current so that there is no interruption in your service.