Freelance Web and Graphic Design by Tamara L. Pinkston

Rate Sheet
Everything I do is custom - even my billing!

The below rate sheet is intended to be an example of my rates. I prefer to bill at a flat rate
by the job, and therefore will provide a quote for every job individually.
Email me for a customized price quote for your job.

Web Design

Initial Design, Build and Implement up to 1 page basic website: Estimated 4 hours at $35 per hour $ 140.00
Initial Design, Build and Implement up to 5 page basic website: Estimated 20 hours at $35 per hour $ 700.00
Initial Design, Build and Implement up to 10 page basic website: Estimated 40 hours at $35 per hour $1400.00

Ongoing Maintenance Options are available at monthly rates, quoted according to specific maintenance needs.


Initial Design Price includes basic website. Additional charges may apply for custom graphics, digital photography and specialized coding.
Prices are charged upfront, monthly rates do not apply.
Hosting is charged here for more information
Hourly rates are $35 per hour with a $50 minimum charge.
Websites exceeding 10 pages will be quoted separately.

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