Freelance Web and Graphic Design by Tamara L. Pinkston

In addition to my web and graphic design services, I also offer transcription services. I have over 20 years experience as a transcriptionist, and in the early 90s my home business was exclusively transcription for freelance writers. I have expanded my business to include web and graphic design, but I continue to have an ongoing clientele of freelance writers. I have transcribed interviews on a variety of topics, including: peace in the Middle East, politics, music, celebrity interviews, fashion, psychiatry/psychology, disabilities, personal histories, healthcare, nonprofit and for profit sectors, LBOs, crime/justice, liquid waste industry, corporate histories, higher education. Interviews have been of a variety of persons from the unknown to celebrities to national and international government officials. I have transcribed everything from short articles to complete books. Many of the writers I transcribe for are members of the American Society for Journalists and Authors (ASJA) and/or Association of Personal Historians (APH).

I am able to work from digital recordings as well as micro and standard cassettes.  I transcribe verbatim (no editing) and return the completed file in Word format via Email along with an invoice.  I can return it in plain text if you do not have Word.  I charge $25 per hour and typical typing time is twice the recording time, i.e. a 60 minute recording typically takes two hours to transcribe.  This, of course, can be longer depending on conditions such as strong accents, talking fast, or more than one person talking at the same time.  I only accept recordings that are clear enough to hear – in other words, the speaker(s) can be heard clearly, no background noise overpowering the speaker, recorded on regular speed, etc.  Most professional writers are aware of recording conditions prior to recording, but occasionally I've had someone place a small recorder in the middle of a large room full of people and expect to hear one voice being interviewed.  If I find a recording too difficult to hear, I will return it.   

If your audio is cassette, you may send it via snail mail or overnight, depending on turn around needs.  With digital files I have an online hard drive where clients upload the files for me. My digital transcription software reads files in wav, mp3, aiff and dct format – I prefer mp3 as it is more stable. A free audio converter, which will translate files into mp3 format, can be downloaded here.  

A spelling sheet with formal nouns and unfamiliar terms is quite helpful – I will attempt to look up spellings which takes more time than referring to a sheet.  It is helpful to have an electronic copy of the sheet (attached to or within an Email) so I can do a quick search for the term.

Depending on my schedule I can usually offer a fairly quick turn around, often next day service.  The way I schedule work is I ask my clients to Email me as much in advance as possible when they have work, let me know what they have, when I'll have it, and when they'd like it back – at that point I'll schedule the work and give you a turn around time.  

If you'd like more information about my transcription services, please
Email me.